We're in search of hard working, caring individuals who can represent the values that we stand for.

Our work is challenging but rewarding. We are looking for team members who are kind, motivated, committed, and tough. Because our work involves the land, team members must be proactive, flexible, and able to solve problems. Communication, time management, enthusiasm, organization, and positivity are key.

Please view our current positions available below.


- At our location in Wyckoff, NJ.
- Full time position available.
- Overseeing all tasks related to events at our farm and the event planning process.
- Includes event collaboration, staff management, customer service, and problem solving.
- Must have the following skillsets: multitasking, problem solving, time management, attention to detail, empathy, organization, and communication.
- This position is geared to the people person who enjoys coordinating and facilitating events for people of all ages! A background in customer service is required.


- At our location in Wyckoff, NJ
- Full time and part time positions available
- Includes working on all gas powered and diesel powered machinery


- At our location in Hillsborough, NJ. May live local to Hillsborough or willing to commute
- Full time position
- Includes working on and operating farming equipment, driving


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