Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are no longer renting out egg incubators and turners. 

If you are looking for fertilized eggs, wood shavings, or chicken feed, please call the market directly at 201-891-0278 ext. 4.

Rent an Egg Incubator

Perfect For the Home or Classroom!

What to know:

The chick hatching process takes 21 days.
The duck hatching process takes 28 days.
You will receive detailed instructions with diagrams.
DO NOT place incubator in the sun, over a heater, or in a drafty area. Once you plug in your incubator and get it to the correct temperature, do not move or unplug it.

USDA Regulations prohibit our farm from selling fertilized eggs outside the state of NJ.
USDA Regulations prohibit our farm from taking back any chicks, hens, or roosters that were not raised on our farm.


Does Abma’s Farm take back baby chicks?:
The chicks you hatch are yours to keep and love. We understand that not everyone has the best environment to keep chickens; however, we encourage you to create that environment or inquire if neighbors, friends, parents, etc. would like to continue raising them. This is an educational process that brings life into the world, and we encourage hatching them responsibly.

How long can I rent an incubator for?:
You may rent an incubator for 30 days, then it must be returned in the condition it was received. If it is returned in unsatisfactory condition, your deposit will not be refunded.

What kind of chicks will hatch?:
Rhode Island Red chicks will hatch from our chicken eggs.

Can duck eggs be incubated?:
We currently do not have fertilized duck eggs available.


Plug incubator and egg turner in. Raise temperature to 99-100 degrees F.
Let incubator run for 2-3 hours before eggs are put into incubator base; this stabilizes temperature.
Place eggs on turner in incubator with POINTY SIDE DOWN.
Place thermometer on top of eggs.
Check water levels every day; use warm water.
Check temperature daily.
On 3rd day of incubation, uncover the first hole
On 18th day of incubation, uncover the second hole
On 18th day, remove the egg turner.
Place eggs on screen with thermometer on top of them.
Leave chicks on wire in incubator until they dry off (8-12 hours)
Remove chicks from incubator and place in box (90 degrees) along with food and water.
Turner moves slowly (several times per day) do not force the motor to make the turner move faster.
Have fun and watch your chicks grow!

Price List:

Incubator: $35
Egg Turner: $35
Fertilized Chicken Eggs: $10 per dozen
Chick Feed: $2 per bag
Shavings for box: $2
Deposit: $170 — Deposit is returned to you once you bring the incubator and egg turner back in working condition with all parts.

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