Abma’s Farm CSA Membership Agreement

Please read this carefully and keep for future reference.

Becoming a CSA Member
We are pleased to offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) memberships for the 2020 growing season! When you join, your membership fee covers our production costs of planting, growing, and harvesting. In exchange, you receive a weekly share of freshly picked produce grown on our farm. Each week’s assortment will differ depending on what’s growing and being harvested. As a CSA member, you become the ‘farmer without the work’, sharing in the risks and rewards of farming while supporting your local farm family.

The CSA membership season will run 18 weeks from May 26 to September 30, 2020. Members are responsible for showing up at the farm each week to pick up their share.  Detailed information regarding pick-up is discussed below. Variety and quantity may vary as described below.

Our Farming Practices

Here at Abma’s Farm, we are fully committed to protecting our land, our soil, our water, and our environment. We utilize sustainable agriculture techniques to grow and produce our homegrown fruits and veggies. Choosing us to provide you with sustainably grown, local food means choosing the best for you and your family. For more information about how we utilize sustainable farming methods, please visit our website at www.abmasfarm.com.

We grow on 32 acres of land in Wyckoff, NJ and 240 acres in Hillsborough, NJ.

Picking Up Your Share

You are responsible for picking up your share on time each week on your selected day and time.  You are responsible for observing our simple, common sense rules, which are as follows:

  1. Pick up your share (rain or shine) within the timeframe stated, as chosen by you at time of member registration.
  2. Be respectful of our property, your fellow members, parking lot courtesy, and safety.

If you cannot pick up your share, you must arrange for someone else to pick it up for you on time. Shares that are not picked up within the pickup time are forfeited and will be donated to Star of Hope Ministries, located in Paterson, NJ.


The best way to communicate with us is to reach Kayt at [email protected] or 201-891-027 ext. 103.  We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions

This Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) Agreement governs the terms and conditions of the relationship between Abma’s Farm (“the Farmer”) and the CSA Member (“Member”.)

  1. Terms of the Agreement
    The terms of the Agreement between Member and Farmer are contained within this agreement. The Member receives a Full Share of produce for 18 weeks specified by their payment and Registration Form.
  2. Philosophy of this CSA
    Community Supported Agriculture is a relationship beyond a simple exchange of produce for cash. It is based on mutual respect between CSA members and the farm community. It is very important that Members be mindful of the following:
    A) The Farmer relies on income from the CSA to cover production costs.
    B) The Farmer plants and tends crops for months before the Member sees them in their shares. Each share represents the work and attention to detail of dozens of people to seed, transplant, grow, weed, and harvest your prepaid shares.
    C) The Farmer picks each produce item at the peak of its season, specifically for each CSA Member on the day of pickup.

III. Farmer Responsibilities
In accordance with the above described philosophy, the Farmer works dutifully and in good faith to bring the Member the freshest produce possible picked specifically for the Member.

  1. Member Responsibilities
    To receive the freshest produce possible from the Farmer and with a recognition that your share will be available to you as agreed upon, it is important that the Member pick up their share on their appointed day and time.
  2. Forfeit Shares
    A) A Forfeit Share is a share that is not picked up on the appointed day and time without adequate notice to the Farmer. Adequate notice is defined by noon on the Monday prior to the pickup day. Requests made after noon on Monday will not be granted. Forfeit shares include accidentally forgotten or intentionally missed shares.
    B) It is our policy that any forfeit shares be donated by the Farmer to Star of Hope Ministries, located in Paterson, NJ.
  3. Vacation Hold
    A) Members are allowed vacation holds throughout the term. A vacation hold means your share will not be picked while you are on vacation. Your share will then be doubled the week after. Please notify the CSA coordinator via email [email protected] or phone at 201-891-0278 ext. 103 prior to noon on Monday of the week you wish your share to be held. Requests made after noon on Monday will not be granted.
    When Members have forgotten to give us adequate notice for a vacation hold, their share becomes Forfeit if not picked up. We encourage Members to ask their family or friends to pick up their share on the appointed day and time of their pick up. This is a great way for members to share the CSA experience. Please explain to your family or friends how to pick up your share, the day and time of pick up. Members may also notify the farm if they would prefer to donate their weekʼs share.

VII. Switching Pickup Days
A) Members can switch pickup days throughout the term when necessary. The Farmer asks that Members limit the amount of times this is done. A switch may be made from Tuesday pickup to Wednesday pickup of the same week, and vice versa. Notify the CSA coordinator via email [email protected] or phone at 201-891-0278 ext. 103 prior to noon on Monday of the week you wish to switch pickup days. Requests made after noon on Monday will not be granted.

VIII. Emergencies
In the case of personal, family, illness, or work-related emergencies, shares that are not picked up are considered Forfeit. We encourage Members to ask their family or friends to pick up their share. Members may also notify the farm if they would prefer to donate their weekʼs share.

  1. Refunds and Cancellations
    A) Memberʼs Policy: Member may cancel their Entire Share upon written notice to the Farmer one (1) month prior to the beginning of the Memberʼs term. The Member will receive a full refund minus a twenty-five-dollar ($25) cancellation fee to cover administrative costs. Cancellations received less than one (1) month prior to the beginning of the Member’s term will receive a refund of 50% minus a twenty-five-dollar cancellation fee. Cancellations received less than one (1) week prior to the beginning of the Member’s term will not receive a refund.
    B) Farmerʼs Policy: At the Farmerʼs discretion, Farmer may cancel this Agreement for Memberʼs failure to follow their responsibilities contained in this Agreement. In the event of cancellation by the Farmer, Farmer reserves the right to decide whether to refund any pro rate share of Memberʼs fees. Member will be notified in writing of the reasons for the cancellation.
  2. Risk
    As stated above in Paragraph II, one aspect of a CSA is that Members support their Farmer. To do so, the Members share in the inherent risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, disease, early frost, crop failure and so on) and rewards (the bounty from a good season). Farmer purposefully plans for such contingencies and use growing techniques that protect the harvest, minimize risk to members and optimize the rewards: growing a wide variety of crops, cover copping, crop rotation and irrigation.

In the extremely unlikely event that severe weather, disease/insect damage, or other natural disaster results in a level of crop destruction that prevents the farm from continuing its weekly distributions, Farmer will notify member immediately and will communicate frequently with the Member to ensure that the Member is apprised of any potential disruption to their service. Member assumes the risk should Farmer be unable to provide a portion of the Memberʼs shares due to any inherent risk of farming.

  1. Communication
    Please reach us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 201-891-0278 ext. 103. These are the best methods to reach us directly.

By checking the box and paying, I agree to purchase the membership share I have chosen and abide by the terms of this agreement.  I understand that, although unlikely, Abma’s Farm may change parts of this agreement related to production and distribution from time to time. I understand that they will contact me via email in advance of any changes to this agreement.