U-Pick Events

Abma’s Farm offers several U-Pick events throughout our growing season. U-Pick events are a sweet touch of the farm for your and your family. See and learn how produce is grown and get hands-on to pick your own fruits or veggies!

The experience is especially important and special for your little ones so that they can connect to how food is grown, and feel accomplished when they pick the perfect fruit or veggie for you to bring home.

Depending on the type of produce, we may ask that you bring your own tools; for example, bring your own scissors to snip heirloom tomatoes, or bring your own gloves, shovel, or spade for potato picking.

We provide containers or bags for you to take your produce home.


We typically offer strawberry picking in June, potato picking in late July and August, and tomato picking in August. Dates and times may change as each picking event gets closer due to the growing season and weather.

Updated U-Pick Rules & Policies

Important New Safety Procedures:

Please wash hands or use hand sanitizer provided (or bring your own) while entering U-Pick area.

Please BYO tools (gloves, shovel, hand trowel, shears, etc.); we will sanitize them for you prior to use in our fields.

Eating produce in U-Pick area is now strictly prohibited.


Admission is now required for U-Pick at Abma's Farm. Please purchase your admission ticket prior to the event via our website.

Current admission is $2 per person plus a processing fee. Children under 2 years of age are free and do not need an admission ticket.

Admission tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. If we (Abma's Farm) cancel the event due to inclement weather, a refund for your admission tickets minus processing fee will be refunded in the form of a store credit to our Market and Greenhouses.

Admission includes entry to our U-Pick fields and produce bags/containers. Please pay for U-Pick produce separately. U-Pick is CASH ONLY.

Ticket slots are available in increments during the selected U-Pick event times.


Patrons are responsible for paying for what they pick. Specific prices will be noted in each U-Pick event. U-Pick is CASH ONLY.

Prices are subject to change.

All U-Pick sales are final.


Please bring your own tools for U-Pick: gloves, shovel, hand trowel, shears, etc. We will have spray sanitizer available to disinfect tools before use in our fields.

Outside produce bags and containers are not permitted. We will provide you with necessary bags or containers.

Farm Rules:

We are a working farm! You will see tractors, trucks, loaders, and ATVs during your visit; keep a safe distance from these vehicles.

Please monitor your children especially in U-Pick areas and near roads.

Absolutely no climbing on displays, parked equipment, fences, etc. Absolutely no throwing rocks or soil. No running.

"All Who Wander Are Not Lost” - While at Abma’s Farm, you will see dirt roads, beautiful fields, and farm curiosities. For your safety, please do not wander from designated U-Pick areas to other working fields.

Do not run, step on, or otherwise damage plants/crops.

Please wear closed-toe footwear and farm friendly clothing. Sunscreen and a hat are advised. Remember to stay hydrated while outside.

Outside food is not permitted at the farm or inside U-Pick areas.

For food safety reasons, pets are not permitted at the farm or inside U-pick areas as per our pet policy. For more information, please click here.

Place all trash in trash cans. This is our home, please help us keep our environment beautiful.

Bags, containers, strollers, etc. may be subject to search.