CSA Stands For Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a weekly subscription to a season’s worth of sustainable, locally grown produce that is distributed to members throughout the harvesting season. CSA members enjoy the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables each week, while supporting their local farmer.

Getting food from a CSA is different from going to a grocery store or using a box store delivery service. Your produce is picked the very day you pick it up, at the height of it's natural season, ensuring the absolute best quality and nutritional value possible for you and your family. No extra packaging, transport, or time wasted.

Members share in the inherent risks and rewards of agriculture!

As a CSA member, you make a seasonal commitment to us, and in turn we make a commitment to you. CSA members take pleasure in knowing where and how their food is grown, and have an open line of communication with us.

CSA is perfect for people interested in:

investing in food security;
preparing healthy foods for their families;
supporting their local farmer;
being kind to our planet;
trying new kinds of veggies;
being adventurous in the kitchen.

When does the CSA season begin?

CSA starts the week of June 4, 2024 and culminates the week of October 24, 2024.

CSA runs 21 consecutive weeks. 

What can I expect in my weekly share?

Your share is determined by seasonality and will be different each week.
You can expect plenty of greens and cool weather crops during June, followed by a wider variety of fruits and veggies in the summer months. In September/October, we'll have a mix of late summer crops and early fall squashes, as well as local apples.

Examples of Past Shares...

2024 Pick Up Days

Available Pick Up Location, Days, & Times:

282 Amwell Road, Hillsborough NJ
Wednesdays (June 5-Oct. 23): 3pm-6:30pm
Thursdays (June 6-Oct. 24): 8am-11am

700 Lawlins Road, Wyckoff NJ
Tuesdays (June 4-Oct. 22): 3pm-6:30pm
Wednesdays (June 5-Oct. 23): 8am-12pm
Thursdays (June 6-Oct. 24): 3pm-6:30pm

*CSA Tip - Please choose and commit to only one of the available options. Committing to the same pickup day each week is imperative to ensure we pick and pack your produce THAT VERY DAY for YOU!

Member Perks

See what's in your share for the week, schedule vacation holds, reschedule or hold your share, and communicate with us.

- PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE for 2024 CSA members only.
Share ideas, recipes, questions, and more.
Coming Soon!

- FREE U-PICK EVENT ADMISSION during the u-pick season.
No tickets required. (Must pay cash for what you pick.)

Share Sizes and Pricing

Now Offering Gift Certificates!

Purchase a gift certificate through our online portal for personal, half, or full share OR a gift certificate for a monetary increment of your choice. 

Personal Share

$599 for the 21-week season
  • Great for one person, or for a couple.
  • Averages out to approximately 8-10 lbs of produce per week.

Half Share

$829 for the 21-week season
  • Great for a family of 3-4 people.
  • Averages out to approximately 12-15 lbs of produce per week.

Full Share

$1189 for the 21-week season
  • Great for a large family of 5 or more.
  • Averages out to approximately 23-27 lbs of produce per week.

CSA Add Ons

Abma's Raw Honey

$67 Four (4) 1 LB. Jars of Honey
  • Experience the full seasonality of our homegrown honey! This add-on includes four (4) 1 LB. jars of our delicious raw honey; one jar per month from July-Oct, each a different seasonal flavor.

Abma's Fresh Eggs

$76 Half Doz.
  • White/blue eggs from our Azure Blue Hens; Brown eggs from our Rhode Island Reds.

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