Behind The Scenes of Our Greenhouses…

Behind The Scenes of Our Greenhouses…

What Makes Our Container Gardens Better Than Our Competitors?


When you think Abma’s Farm, you tend to think of our homegrown veggies, fresh eggs, and delicious apple pie made from scratch.. oh wait, can’t forget the petting zoo!

In addition to these aspects, we also pride ourselves on our greenhouses. We have a total of 8 growing houses and 4 retail houses (those 4 are seen easily from the road) where we grow, create, and nurture various types of plants and flowers.

Our pride and joy, created custom just for our customers, are our famous container gardens. These containers are lush, brilliantly colored, and healthy – lasting all summer long. Once purchased, they give your yard, patio, or porch a jaw dropping pop of color. The combinations are creative and unique – we’ll get to more on that later.

Jim Abma has been creating custom container gardens for over twelve years, so he knows a thing or two about the labor of love involved in the process. He’s got it down to a science; the right soil, expertly placed plugs, and hand watering all factor in to why our container gardens are unmatched.

Jim naturally knows what species work best with other species, what colors work, textures, heights and depths, etc. to create the most bold and beautiful combinations.

The process begins in the growing houses in mid-February. We start at the pot filler – a large machine that fills pots with soil and turns them out on a conveyor belt. Those pots are then placed on large tables and the planting begins.

Jim uses plugs – seedlings – and creates the unique containers by hand. He mixes different plugs that will display different colors, textures, heights, and trailings to complement each other.


Some containers are for shade, some made for sun. Some combinations are classic, others are bold and different.

Once the containers are planted, they are watered by hand every day. This takes careful planning based on the weather. Sun, clouds, and heat all affect the plants, and there’s never a day off! This meticulous watering ensures deep and strong roots, the powerhouse behind our container gardens! Every few weeks, Jim begins another batch of  that are in tune with the weather. Right now our early summer gardens are in full bloom – sure to last all season!



Stop on by our greenhouses and take a walk through.. you’ll fall in love instantly.

We call that instant gratification at our greenhouses!! #abmasfarm

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