Local Supports Local.

Supporting local businesses means supporting others who share the same values, work ethic, and selfless service that we believe in.
Here are some of the local businesses and products that we love. You can find them at our Farm Market!

Adirondack Maple Farms
Fonda, New York

Adirondack Maple Farms has been producing and distributing Pure Maple Syrup in Upstate New York for almost 50 years. Adirondack Maple Farms was started by a young boy named Bruce Roblee. Now, Adirondack Maple Farms is run by Bruce and his son. Over the years they have grown organically and now provide pure maple syrup all over the world for bulk use, also as an ingredient supplier and retail use. Adirondack Maple Farms prides itself on providing an extraordinary quality product with top-notch customer service. Adirondack Maple Farms uses the latest in green production technology and produces pure maple syrup from trees that are sustainably managed.

Aldo's Restaurant
Wyckoff, New Jersey

For More Than 30 years, Aldo’s Italian Restaurant has supplied his customers with high quality food, great service and good prices. Open 7 Days a week, this newer location will provide a wonderful space for family dining or special intimate gatherings, featuring 3 separate dining rooms plus an outdoor patio, and private dining rooms. Aldo, his family and staff look forward to serving you.

AlEv Oil Co.
Ridgefield, Connecticut

The Manolakakis Family has been producing premium Greek extra virgin olive oil for over four generations. Our family's olive groves have been producing 100% pure extra virgin olive oil for over a century. We take pride in bringing you our premium extra virgin olive oil directly from our native village of Metamorfosi in Lakonia, Greece. "Directly from our trees...to your table.". Our olives are harvested by hand and immediately taken to the village mill for pressing to ensure superior taste and low acidity. Our olive oil is cold extracted (<27ºC | <80.6ºF) from the crushed olives during the malaxation phase and is all natural, free of any additives or preservatives.

Cape May Peanut Butter Co.
Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May Peanut Butter Company is a gourmet store stacked with all kinds of sweet and savory treats inspired by the American classic!

9 Nut Butters flavors to choose from... including Honey Roast, Butter Scotch, Capu Cino, Choc Choc, Natural, Almond, Sunflower, Cashew, and Organic.


Caramella MOO
Paramus, New Jersey

Caramella MOO is a social enterprise focused on helping kids recover from drug and alcohol misuse.
One day, an ordinary woman was making caramel and made history (a good idea). She made toffee and that made her famous. People from far and wide (in New Jersey) called her and asked for some of her addicting candy. She had no idea that she would create a company that would sell great tasting toffee and also help kids battle addiction and recovery.
Please join in our mission and try some Caramella MOO... The Original Thin Toffee.

Chocolate, Etc.
Wyckoff, New Jersey

In 1993 Jay and Marcia Vidockler opened up a candy kiosk in Paramus Park Mall. Starting with bright, festive candies, the Vidocklers soon added gift baskets to their selection, mixing baked goods with candies and chocolates. Five years later, the couple outgrew their spot in the mall and decided to expand their business. They purchased the Chocolate Etc store in 1998 and have since grown the shop to double its original size to serve all their retail and corporate customers.

Drapers Super Bee Honey Apiaries
Millerton, Pennsylvania

The year was 1974 when Bernie Draper, the father, had a dream of establishing a honey handling and bee supply business in Pennsylvania. It all began with one hive and now the business is owned and run by his son Bill. We are beekeepers who operate 1000 hives - - they produce a large portion of the honey we sell. Being producers ourselves, we take pride in selling only U.S.A. produced honey. What we cannot produce ourselves, we buy from other, dependable U.S.A. based beekeepers.

Finding Home Farms
Middletown, New York

In 2015, the Putnam family decided it was time to start a new path by returning to their roots. Dana grew up on a dairy farm in NH and his favorite time of the year was the six weeks of "sugaring" when they made maple syrup. For fourteen years, the Putnams were "backyard sugar makers", crafting just enough syrup to share with neighbors and friends. Now, Dana and Laura have turned sugar making into a full-time career, making a life and doing what they love best- crafting maple syrup and creating a welcoming home.

Gerardo's Marinara
Chester, New Jersey

The Gerardo Family has been in the food retailing and catering business since 1905, starting in Newark NJ.  Gayle and Michael Gerardo continue with a family tradition of delivering the best of their sauces, which are sold at over 500 stores in NJ, NY, PA, and CT.

Healing Home Foods
Pound Ridge, New York

At Healing Home Foods, we are convinced that a diet based on wholesome, natural foods is essential to our physical and mental health. All of our products are gluten free and produced in dedicated gluten free facilities. Many of our products are considered raw in their finished form because their moisture has been removed gradually over time at very low temperatures. We also make sure to use only organic nuts and seeds and wholesome produce that is available seasonally.

Jersey Italian Gravy
Oakland, New Jersey

Jersey Italian Gravy is an award-winning high quality, all natural, pure, wholesome, delicious tomato product using only 5 ingredients yet packed with flavor. This “Jersey Classic” is slow simmered and balanced to a perfect taste without any artificial preservatives or added spices.

mayernik kitchen

Mayernik Kitchen
North Haledon, New Jersey

Mayernik Kitchen was created in 2015, by husband and wife, Matt and Shannon, and since has grown with the offering of 75+ plant medicine products, workshops and classes held monthly, and an online community of eager learners. Nestled in the suburbs of Passaic County, Matt and Shannon grow over 100 species of plants in their backyard garden, which then turn into the plant medicine they hand-craft and sell in the Mayernik Kitchen Market. With over 10+ years of herbal experience between the couple, they thrive on making products for their community, as well as those across the country, to encourage a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Melick's Town Farm
Oldwick, New Jersey

Melick’s Town Farm is the largest apple grower in New Jersey with 25,000 apple trees and 5,000 peach, nectarine, plum and pear trees. Our ochards cover 120 acres of our 650 acres of land.
The farm is run by 10th generation farmers, siblings Peter, Rebecca and John Melick with the continued support of their parents George and Norma. We have traced the family tree back to the period between 1725 and 1735 when Johan Peter Moelich arrived in the area with his two brothers.

Patriot Pickle
Wayne, New Jersey

Patriot Pickle is an All-American pickle company located in Wayne, New Jersey. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products for customers nationwide. Since 2004, Patriot has catered to the food service industry, serving thousands of distributors, restaurant chains, supermarkets, and delis across the United States while guaranteeing products that are “Always Fresh, Always Crisp.” Additionally, Patriot has a deep commitment to sustainability to ensure our practices are modern and our manufacturing environmentally friendly. Each of these tactics, along with sourcing the freshest cucumbers and richest ingredients, creates a pickle like no other.

Paul & Jimmy's
New York City, NY

"Generations of Great Taste" is more than an advertising line. It's a way of life. Today, I'm proud to say the Azzollini Family still runs every aspect of the restaurant. When you come to our restaurant, we believe our food and atmosphere will make you feel like part of the family, a family that for over three generations has been proud to serve New Yorkers and the world. For many years we have been asked, "Can I buy your delicious sauces?" We are excited to announce that we have launched "Paul & Jimmy’s Ristorante Sauces". So now, whether you’re a regular or an occasional out-of-town guest, the taste you thought you could only get in Manhattan will now be available nationwide.

Sunshine Orchards
Milton, New York

The sixth and seventh generations of Clarkes are now farming the land. Today, modern equipment and modern growing methods are used. Steve and his son Brad are the principle growers. They plant dwarf trees to increase orchard efficiency. Old favorites such as Golden Delicious and Macoun as well as newer varieties like Fuji, Gala and Honeycrisp are grown. Fruits are cared for under a low-spray program called IPM or integrated pest management. We still rely on the river and the hills to moderate the weather patterns, we enrich the good soils to keep the crops growing well, and we send some of our produce to NYC and NJ.

Springhouse Creamery
Fredon, New Jersey

Owned and operated by Peter and Marilyn Southway and five of their six children, not only is Springhouse Creamery the last operating dairy farm in Fredon, but it also holds the distinction of dating back to Colonial Days. Today the Southways keep 50 Jersey and Guernsey cows on the farm with part of the milk used to produce the cheeses they sell, with the balance of the milk sold at both the farm and several local stores. They also grow crops like corn, alfalfa hay and oats.

Swiss Villa
Wrightsville, Pennslyvania

In 2004, a herd of Brown Swiss cows in Dauphin County, Pa were being milked for the sale of their raw milk. The farm setting gave a complimentary feel to the Swiss herd, as the farmer himself was also of Swiss descendant. Thus, the Swiss Villa name held a cherished title for his venture of marketing goods from his small farm to health food stores in his home state. A few cheeses, meats, spelt bakery items and other products accompanied the raw milk sales and included more friends and neighbor's opportunity to market goods of their entrepreneur endeavors. By 2011, Swiss Villa moved more into a food hub, offering goods from the villa of quite a number of Swiss descendant farmers.

hot coffee near fireplace

Toca Coffee
Pompton Plains, New Jersey

TOCA Coffee is a family business putting decades of coffee knowledge and experience in each bag. We want you to taste what we love doing – roasting small batches of specialty coffee to produce a naturally sweet, smooth, complex, aromatic, and flavorful cup.

Tomasello Winery
Hammonton, New Jersey

Tomasello Winery has a rich history that dates to the early 1900’s. The vineyard was purchased by a farmer named Frank Tomasello and it was in 1933 that this family run winery was founded. The vineyard and winery are located in a region of New Jersey called the Outer Coastal Plain of Atlantic County. Nine decades later the grandsons of Frank Tomasello have carried on the family tradition to build one of the Garden State’s largest wineries. Third generation winemakers Charlie and Jack Tomasello are proud to bring their award-winning wines to the tasting room at Abma’s Farm.

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