Abma's Farm Market

In a relaxed and friendly environment, we provide the community with the highest quality fresh produce, poultry and eggs from our own chickens, daily baked goods from our “scratch” bakery, homemade specialties from our kitchen, and artfully grown plants from our greenhouses.

Visit our Farm Market for a true country market experience!

Fresh Produce

Throughout the growing season, we grow over 90 varieties of fruits and vegetables. From crops like corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, strawberries, and cucumber, to specialty veggies like kohlrabi, bok choy, chioggia beets, purple artichokes, garlic scapes, and purple cauliflower, there's something fresh for everyone!

We're not a grocery store - we are your farmer. That means no distribution center, no transportation, no wait.
Just fresh, nutrient dense produce.

Pick up our homegrown produce and you'll already see, feel, and smell the difference. Take it home and taste for yourself!

We plant crops from seed using sustainable agricultural methods.

Deli & Kitchen

We believe in using fresh, nutrient-dense, and seasonal whole ingredients for all of our beloved kitchen specialties.

Enjoy our freshly made sandwiches, buddha bowls, hot soups, yogurt parfaits, and salads to go. Lunch and dinner options include ready made turkey and chicken meals, pasta dishes, pot pies, and seasonal appetizers.

Savory quiches are made with our own high quality eggs.

In addition to our famous chicken salad, we make deli style salads including macaroni, coleslaw, potato, and chick pea.

We also have a special “Barn Meal” for children! (seasonally available)

Baked Goods

red velvet donuts

From apple cider cinnamon donuts to pumpkin cheesecake, our freshly baked good are second to none.

We pride ourselves in baking the finest homemade pies, muffins, breads and treats from our own homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Experience the diverse pie seasons through Strawberry Rhubarb, Summer Smash, Blueberry, Apple, Pumpkin, Cherry, and more.

Your sweet tooth will adore our freshly baked cakes, which include chocolate, vanilla, carrot, NY crumb, and cheese cake, as well as treats like pastries, cupcakes, brownies, linzer tarts, cookies, danish, and almond bars.

Our bakery also makes homemade breads and bagels.

Breads, Dairy, Meats, & More

We have all the essentials, including freshly baked breads, milk and cheeses, poultry and beef, and so much more.

In addition to making our own homemade breads, we offer Pepperidge Farm and local bakeries like Hudson Bread.

Choose from our selection of hard and soft cheeses, as well as large selection of Oscar's spreadable cheeses.

Fresh Picked Eggs

Our farm fresh eggs are less then a day old, laid by cage free hens in our coop here at the farm.

Twice a day we collect eggs from our hens.

We keep our chickens in an indoor, cage-free coop so they're tucked away safely from predators and diseases with full room to roam.

Our birds eat a special feed made from grain, corn, soybean, and flax: full of healthy Omega-3s.

Homegrown Honey

Raw and unfiltered, our honey is the bee's knees! It's strained, never filtered, to keep pollen and propolis in. Abma's honey contains local pollen from our own area, so when ingested, helps build immunity to those same local allergens.

Our bee keeper John uses a removable frame within the hive. When the honey is ready to be collected, John removes the cappings, then spins the honey out with a centrifuge. The honey is strained of wax and then bottled.

At the market, we also have homegrown honey butter, raw honey comb, chunk honey, and bee pollen.

Local Gourmet Items

We carry unique specialty goods for you and your family to enjoy.

We have a full range of BBQ and dipping sauces, salsas, jams and jellies, salad dressings, olive oil and vinegar, locally baked breads, hard and soft cheeses, pickles,  chips, candies, chocolates, and more.

Many of these products are produced by other local businesses! Supporting local businesses means supporting others who share the same values, work ethic, and selfless service that we believe in.

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