Our Educational Mission Statement

Down on the farm, we believe in hands-on education for our children. We emphasize teaching critical skills through play, providing many excellent opportunities for children to engage, learn, and grow. We incorporate fun projects, experiments, physical activities, and problem solving into our lessons to help children gain a better understanding of our subject materials. Most importantly, we focus on teaching children valuable skills that they can share with their families!

Meet Our Education Director, Kaytlynn!


Miss Kayt facilitates our education department and coordinates child, family, and school events at the farm with the help of seasonal staff. She joined Abma’s Farm in June 2019 after graduating from William Paterson University with a degree in Environmental Science and Social Justice. Miss Kayt’s career began with babysitting and soon evolved into teaching children’s after school programs and volunteering at children’s camps, then working as an educator at a local nonprofit. Miss Kayt loves connecting children and their families to our local agriculture system and the great outdoors. Kayt remembers visiting Abma’s Farm as a little girl, and is thrilled to share her passion with the community.

Fun Fact: Miss Kayt is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor and loves to teach yoga on the farm during adult classes as well as incorporate yoga into her children’s events!